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Potential and Past Presentations

Are you interested in speaking at the 7 cities Conference on Housing First and Homelessness from June 7 - 9, 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta? 


Then please review the list of potential and past presentation topics for inspiration, and before filling out the Call For Speakers form, begin to articulate how your presentation relates to the main conference theme of Building a Better Tomorrow by Building Resiliency Today.


Examples of potential and past presentations:



  • Managing vs ending homelessness – Communicating the difference to create public buy-in.

  • Dispelling the myths about homelessness, housing first and ending homelessness.

  • The use of data and how it can be a powerful tool in ending homelessness.

  • Stewarding donors in Alberta’s current economic climate.

  • How to leverage media to expand impact. Communicating to minimize risk and maximize your message.

  • The power of story-telling to connect audiences to the vision of ending homelessness and inspire action.

  • Know your community! How to work with community effectively and not burn out.

  • We are in it together – a panel discussion on best practices for sharing ideas, building trust and working together towards a shared vision of ending homelessness

  • Bursting the Bubble – leveraging other community programs and resources outside the homeless-serving sector.

  • Peer support – how shared experience creates opportunities for learning and change.

  • Graduation to independence

  • Lived Experience: 

    • Story-telling

    • Client feedback

    • Working with clients

  • Co-creating with Indigenous Peoples

    • Street Ceremony

    • Honoring Treaty Peoples and Land

  • Building supports for difficult clients – caring for yourself and heavy systems users

  • Out of the box thinking to create innovative funding models

  • Transition planning from public systems – integration outside the system of care

  • Housing as a bottleneck – the path to getting unstuck

  • Trauma informed care/Harm Reduction


You can fill out the Call For Speakers form here.

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